School Council

At Hardwick, we have a Key Stage 1 Council, led by Mrs Hampton, and a Key Stage 2 Council, led by Mrs Popple.

We hold regular meetings in which the children have the opportunity to discuss issues that directly affect them about the running of the school. A couple of issues that the children have discussed recently are school meals and PE activities.

When we discussed the school meals the children decide that they would like to have more of a say in the types of food that was provided. This has led us to set up a school meals committee in which the children get to offer ideas about what should appear on the menus as well as tasting food that the kitchen creates.

During our discussions about PE provision in school the children expressed an interest in having more cricket opportunities in school, and we have been able to accommodate this, and they have had the opportunity to help shape the new PE curriculum by giving the ideas about the types of sports and activities they would like to be taught.