Kenya Linking Project 2017/18

‘Do something amazing with Derby County Community Trust.’
Derby County Community Trust (DCCT) work tirelessly to enhance the lives of people within the local Derbyshire community. Over the past three years DCCT and African Adventures have teamed up to support community projects in profoundly poor areas where families live off less than 75p a day. There are a number of volunteering roles working in three schools based in Nakuru, Kenya.
A Huge well done to Miss Scanlan and Miss Sheldon who took part in the project last year!
Mrs Tomordy and Mrs Sandhu will be taking part in this volunteering programme this year and will be spending two weeks working out in Kenya beginning to build a Kenya Link Project between Hardwick Primary School and Destiny (a school in Nakuru).
Whilst Mrs Tomordy and Mrs Sandhu  are in Kenya, they will be working in a school called Destiny. This trip will ‘open children’s eyes’ at Hardwick Primary School to just how lucky they really are! It will allow our children to learn about the world around them and about the facts of poverty that face children their own age in developing countries. When they arrive they will be taking an abundance of photos and videos of their time in Kenya and will show all of the children when they return.
We are intending to make his an annual trip to build the link between the two schools.  They will be teaching the children at Destiny and will be offering support/advice to the teachers so that together we can learn from each other. During their visit Mrs Tomordy and Mrs Sandhu will be:
  • taking videos of the children experiencing everyday activities and schooling recorded in both Africa and the UK to show the other country;
  • carry out research on Africa to educate the children in the UK (and vice versa);
  • compare and exchange toys e.g. inflatable balls from the UK compared to plastic bags wrapped in string used in Kenya;
  • letter writing between the children in both schools (pen-pals).
This trip costs a lot of money, therefore Mrs Tomordy and Mrs Sandhu  will be fundraising in school and organising a ‘Kenya Link Project’ day. 
The panckake eating competition raised a fantastic amount which will go towards the trip.  
Mrs Tomordy and Mrs Sandhu have been busy collecting donations of clothes, shoes, toiletries and toys and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated.