Key Skills/SEND

We really hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well!
On this page, we'll be adding activities and ideas for those who may want some additional support for their children, for example with key maths and English skills, speech and language and motor skills. We hope that these will be helpful in keeping children's key learning going at home.
We also know that this can be a very tricky time for our children, with lots of uncertainty. Lots of professionals and national organisations are working to produce resources which may be of help to children and their families. We will add links to these below. Please particularly see below a link for a social story which may be useful in talking about the current situation with children and a suggestion for a simple daily timetable which may help children keep a structure to their day.
It's also well worth a look at the Derby 'School Toolkit' app and website. This has lots of advice and links and is available in Slovak, Polish, Kurdish, Urdu and Latvian.