Parent Committee

At Hardwick Primary School we have a Parent Committee which meets once every term on a Wednesday afternoon 2pm - 3pm. Mrs Bola chairs the committee meeting to which Mr Gallimore and all parents are invited to attend.
Parents have helped to make some important changes in school:
Individual applications are now made by parents for religious observance e.g. 1 day authorised leave for Eid, Diwali etc.
Summer/Winter Fairs - parents play an important part in sorting, wrapping and setting up on fair days without your support we would not have be so organised.  
Parent helpers - we have a number of parent helpers who support us on school trips and walking to and from the tennis centre every week. If you are interested in helping please see Mrs Bola so a List 99 check can be organised. 
If you want to have your say and help make a difference please come along to a committee meeting.
Mrs Bola  
Community and Extended Services Manager