Our School Code
At Hardwick Primary School we:
  • Care about each other and our school
  • Always do our best
  • Remember our manners
  • Enjoy learning
Are you eligible for help to pay for your childcare?

Government helps many families with childcare costs, whether you have toddlers or teens, you could get support.

Visits Childcare Choices to find out more about what you are eligible to receive and how to make childcare as cost effective as possible.

Safeguarding Team:
Mrs R Sandhu (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs R Oliver, Mrs R Yates  and Mrs L Smith  
If you have any questions or comments about the safeguarding of pupils, or wish to speak to someone about safeguarding at Hardwick Primary School, please contact Mrs Sandhu (Designated Safeguarding Lead) by phoning school on 01332 272249 or via email: safeguarding@hardwick.derby.sch.uk during out of school hours / term time
For information on how we will be continuing to ensure the safety of our pupils during this period of school closure, please see our addendum to the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy below.
Please see below links/ documents to guidance for Parent(s)/ Carer(s) from Department for Education which has now been translated into several languages:

Translation of guidance for parents and carers on early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term

The DfE have translated the following guidance for parents and carers with children in nursery, school, or college in the autumn term page into several languages.

The guidance is now available in the following languages:

·       Arabic

·       Bengali

·       Chinese – traditional

·       Chinese – simplified

·       French

·       Gujarati

·       Polish

·       Portuguese

·       Punjabi

·       Romany

·       Somali

·       Turkish

·       Urdu

Please see below viewable documents for parent(s) and/or Carer(s) translated in the following languages: Urdu, Polish, Romany and Bengali

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