Dear Parents/Carers,
You will have been following the Government's announcements, and be aware that School may be reopening for children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from 1st June, depending on various criteria being met. We are working with our Academy Trust and other local Head Teachers to establish how this may look moving forwards.
There are many protective factors that we are considering, including using more classrooms and having fewer pupils in each one. In order to meet the 2 metre social distancing requirements, most classrooms can only accommodate between 8 and 10 pupils, depending on the ages of the children and the layout. We also have to consider how we will staff this, whilst continuing to manage remote learning for other pupils.
So, there are many challenges, but comprehensive planning is going on. Whilst we will do whatever we can to ensure that social distancing and hygiene are paramount, I don't need to explain to you that, for younger children, keeping 2 metres apart is virtually impossible. Sending your child to school is optional, and there will be no fines for non-attendance.
In order for us to plan, it would be helpful to know how many of you intend, at this stage, to take up the offer of a place. Once we have this information, we will be able to make decisions on how we will accommodate our children.
You can do this by informing your child’s Teacher when they make their weekly phone call, email us at, or ring us on 01332 272249. Thank you.
Mrs Sandhu
Head of School
 Our School Code
At Hardwick Primary School we:
  • Care about each other and our school
  • Always do our best
  • Remember our manners
  • Enjoy learning
Are you eligible for help to pay for your childcare?

Government helps many families with childcare costs, whether you have toddlers or teens, you could get support.

Visits Childcare Choices to find out more about what you are eligible to receive and how to make childcare as cost effective as possible.


Home Learning During School Closure


Please follow the link to Curriculum, then Home Learning in order to locate weekly updated learning for each year group. 

Hardwick Primary School is currently working with EDENRED to supply Free School Meal Vouchers for parents.
If your child receives Free School Meals, you should have received an Email from Edenred asking you to choose which supermarket you want the voucher for.
After that Edenred will send you your voucher via email.
If your child receives universal free school meals at school this does not entitle you to Edenred Meal Vouchers as Free Meal benefit is income assessed.
If your child receives Free School Meals but you have not received any emails from Edenred please contact with your child's name and your current email and mobile phone number.
Safeguarding Team:
Mrs R Sandhu (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs R Oliver, Mrs R Yates  and Mrs L Smith  
If you have any questions or comments about the safeguarding of pupils, or wish to speak to someone about safeguarding at Hardwick Primary School, please contact Mrs Sandhu (Designated Safeguarding Lead) by phoning school on 01332 272249 or via email: during out of school hours / term time
For information on how we will be continuing to ensure the safety of our pupils during this period of school closure, please see our addendum to the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy below.
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