Flu Immunisation in Hardwick Primary 2019

The Flu Immunisation Team will be visiting Hardwick School on Friday 13th December to administer the nasal spray flu vaccine to those children whose parents have consented for them to receive it. In order to consent, parents will need to fill in an online consent form. See the message and link below from the Immunisation Team:

Dear Parents/Carers

For the school year September 2019 to August 2020 we will be using e-consent for the flu programme.  To access the web page for the e-consents please visit https://www.derbyshireandcityimms.co.uk/ and click on the Seasonal Flu link.


Your unique school code for Hardwick Primary School is DC143875


If you experience any problems, please call the School Age Immunisation Team:

Repton: 01283 707178

Clay Cross: 01246 252953



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