Autumn Term :                  6 September 2023  -  26 October 2023
                                               6 November 2023  - 21 December 2023

Spring Term :                    8 January 2024  -   16 February 2024
                                              26 February 2024  -  28 March 2024

Summer Term :                 15 April 2024  -  24 May 2024
                                             3 June 2024  -  23 July 2024


INSET DAYS :                     4 & 5 September 2023    
                                             27 October 2023                                                                                                           22 December 2023   
                                             24 June 2024

Welcome to Weduc
Our school communication system is called Weduc. Every family will need to download this app to be able to access the important information we make available. This is where you will receive school messages, letters and give consent to activities.

Please have a look at all the areas on the app:

Newsfeed – here you will find images and information about classes or the whole school.

Calendar – check regularly to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Messages – through ‘push notifications’ you will receive information messages.  You will also receive messages that you need to action just by the push of a button.  You will be able to give consent for trips and events, without the need to complete paper based forms.  

The Hub – this will contain links to websites we use such as payment information, parents evening bookings, policies and curriculum links.

Forms – here you will find various forms, which you will need to access.  

On 5th October 2022, our football team represented Derby in a tournament at St Georges Park, where they all had the opportunity to meet some of our national players and the Prince of Wales.  Our team performed brilliantly and were runners up.  We'd like to thank to the boys for all their hard work and congratulate them on their achievement.  Well Done!!!
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