Year 2


Welcome to Year 2. We have 2 classes of 30 children - the Terrific Tigers and the Brave Bears. Our ethos is simple: we dream, we believe and we achieve!

Who’s Who?

Mrs Freeman (Key Stage Leader)

Terrific Tigers: Mrs Tomordy (Teacher) 

Brave Bears: Mrs Nicholson (Teacher)

Mrs Rowland (HLTA)

Miss Wood (TA)

Mrs Yasin (TA)

What we will be learning this year?

Autumn 1: What are the differences between urban and rural environments?

Our topic is ‘Street Detectives'. We will be learning about our local community, looking at houses (old and new) and finding out about how our streets have changed from the olden days. We will be going on a walk around our local community and will learn how to take quality photos with a camera. We will be comparing our local urban and rural environments by visiting Foremark Reservoir and we will be studying the famous artist, Lowry.

We will also be celebrating Our World Week and learning about the icon Bob Marley.

Autumn 2: What happened during the Great Fire of London? and Why do snowflakes fall?

Our topic is ‘The Great Fire of London’. We will be learning all about the fire and how this was a significant event in time. We will be looking at Samuel Pepys’ diary to help us understand who he was and to find out lots of information about the time he lived in. We will also be learning about ‘Winter Wonderlands’ looking at snow and Christmas and visiting a local church to see how this festival is celebrated.

Spring 1: What is a castle?

Our topic is ‘Baddies, Towers and Tunnels'. We will be meeting fairy tale characters (good and bad) and in particular the wolf from the Three Little Pigs. We will be travelling back in time to learn about the Great Escape. Then we will be digging deep down, making burrows and tunnels, just like animals who live underground. We will be using our science and D&T skills to help make strong houses to keep the big bad wolf at bay! Finally, we will be looking at how castles have changed throughout the different centuries.

Spring 2: What is it like at the seaside?

Our topic is ‘Land Ahoy’. We will be learning about different seaside towns throughout England and we will be visiting Cleethorpes. We will be learning about floating and sinking, push and pull and properties of different materials. We will also be learning about pirates and we will be looking closely at the artist Georges Seurat. We will be helping Mr Grinling from the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch – is there a way of stopping the greedy seagulls from stealing his food? In science we will be investigating coastal erosion.

Summer 1: What is the life cycle of a plant?

Our topic is ‘Scented Garden’. We will be learning about growing plants, especially herbs and vegetables. We will visit a local garden centre to see how plants go from ‘soil’ to ‘table’. We will be developing our senses to describe how plants and herbs smell, feel and taste. We will be using our computing skills to navigate Beebots through a scented garden and we will be investigating whether snails have noses!

We will also be sitting our Year 2 SATs during the Summer 1 term.

Summer 2

We will be participating in Enterprise Week and Health and Fitness Week. We will then have Transition Weeks where will be meeting our new teachers in preparation for the new academic year.

English and Maths

We will be developing our English and Maths skills alongside all of our themes. Children will have lots of opportunities to write, read and perform. Some of the text types that we will be learning about are traditional stories, stories from around the world, poetry, letters, diaries and information texts. Children will be developing their reading and spelling skills in their daily Phonics sessions.

For our maths we will be continuing to improve our ‘maths in our head’ and our ‘maths on paper’ skills. We will be learning about number, shape, measures and data handling through Singapore Maths.

How to help with Learning at Home

We value and encourage parents working alongside their children. We will have many dates throughout the year where parents will be invited into class to work alongside their child. These workshops will be based on all areas of the curriculum.

We will also hold celebratory ‘show and tells’ where parents can come into class to see their child’s work at the end of a theme.

We encourage parents to support their children’s learning at home through talk, homework and reading.