Personal Development Overview


At Hardwick Primary School we recognise that the primary years are a key time for children to develop their own identity and aspirations for the future. We want every child to leave our school feeling confident, proud and ready to achieve their full potential.

We understand the crucial role we play in helping children to prepare for their adult lives so they can go on to engage positively in society.  Our goal is to ensure that all pupils leave Hardwick Primary School with the skills, qualities and attributes that they need to thrive as individuals, family members and to develop into responsible, respectful and active citizens.

At Hardwick Primary School we are committed to:

  • Ensuring all children have rich and varied experiences
  • Ensuring all children develop their ‘cultural capital’
  • Prioritising physical and mental well-being as much academic achievements
  • Making sure families are involved in supporting their child’s personal development.


Our Approach

Personal Development is at the heart of our school learning journey because it allows children to understand and navigate the world they are growing up in, build their personal identities and beliefs, understand what influences their decisions and build tolerance and empathy towards others.

Our approach to Personal Development encompasses the principles of Personal, Social and Health Education, along with the government’s new Relationships and Health Education curriculum.  In school Personal Development is reinforced through the promotion of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development, our teaching of core British Values, and the broad spectrum of learning opportunities and experiences we offer our pupils across the curriculum. 

Personal development is reflected within our C.A.R.E code, and strengthened through our policies including:

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding policy
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) policy
  • Good Behaviour policy
  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) policy
  • Relationships and Health Education (RHE) policy
  • Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing (MHEW) policy
  • Disability, Equality and Diversity policy



At Hardwick Primary School, Personal Development is embedded within a whole-school approach to providing a rich learning environment where all our pupils feel included, respected, safe and secure; and where their achievements and contributions are valued and celebrated.

All our staff understand the critical role they have in :

  • ensuring children feel safe and secure so they fulfil their academic potential;

  • offering a broad range of curricular and extra-curricular experiences, that allow children to developing the skills and attributes that enable them to connect with the world around them, and apply this knowledge and understanding to real-life situations.
We recognise that children are growing up in a world that is constantly changing.  Hardwick Primary School works in partnership with the local community, charities and organisations, as well as with parents/carers, so that our school can offer the children a broad range of opportunities to enrich their life experiences, deepen their understanding of the world around them and teach them valuable transferable skills.