Year 6


Welcome to Year 6, the final year at Hardwick Primary School! It is jam-packed with lots of challenges and excitement! Year 6 is extremely hard work, however we also have lots of fun which will make it one of the most memorable years at Hardwick Primary School.

Who’s Who?

Year Leader: Mr Nowak

6PC - High Flying Hawks: Mrs Haider

6HR - Nutty Nightingales: Mr Nowak

6FN - Clever Quails: Miss Qayoom

Mrs Yar-Khan (HLTA)

Mr Howard (HLTA)

What we will be Learning this Year

Autumn 1 – Blood Heart

Topic: In the first half of the Autumn Term, we will be learning about the human body, particularly the circulatory system. We will be getting up close to veins, arteries and animal hearts and understanding how blood moves around our body and keeps us alive. We also will be creating sculptures and working models of the insides of our body.

English: In English, we will be writing recounts and instructions based on our theme work.

Maths: In Maths, we will be going over number, the four operations and arithmetic.

Autumn 2 – The Mayans

Topic: In the second half of the Autumn Term, we will be learning all about the Mayans. We will be looking at different ancient cities and how they were ruled, what is was like to live in a Mayan family and about the Mayan civilisation. We will be looking at and creating a variety of Mayan art work and the Mayan legacy.

English: In English, we will be reading and writing poetry. We will also link our theme work into this and write some myths and a non-chronological report.

Maths: In Maths, we will be continuing to work on number, as well as shapes and measure and looking at a variety of graphs, tables and charts in data handling.

Spring  – Child’s War

Topic: In the Spring Term, we will be delving into our topic, Child’s War. We will learn much about World War 2. Children will experience what it was like to live during the war through research and a visit to Pickford House.

English: In English, we will be reading 'Good Night Mr Tom', and will then write a character description and poems.

Maths: In Maths, we will be becoming more confident with the number system, particularly decimal numbers. We will also be working on fractions and percentages and shape.

In the second half of the term, we will be developing calculation skills and solving problems, including developing our understanding of area and perimeter.

Summer 1 – SATs

English and Maths: It is now only weeks away that we will be sitting our SATs. In English and Maths this half term, we will be revising what we have been learning, and making sure we look at any areas we need to develop so we can show off exactly what we can do when we have our tests. 

Summer 2 – Enterprise

Topic: In the last half term of the year (and of the whole school), we will be learning about health and fitness understanding how blood moves around our body and keeps us alive. We also will be working on our enterprise project.

English: In English, we will be writing explanation texts, discussion texts and reading and writing poetry.

Maths: In Maths, we will be starting to get ready for secondary school. We will be working on improving our targets and will be beginning to do some Year 7 work!

To help your child achieve the most they can this year please ensure they;

  • Go to sleep at a reasonable time, so that they are ready and alert for each and every day.
  • Complete all homework on time. If they are unsure of how to complete this or find it too difficult, ask them to inform their teacher of this, before they are due to hand their homework in. This way, they will still have a good go at completing the task given on time.
  • Read at home, every day if possible. This will help build up their speed and fluency, which is much needed when it comes to SATs.
  • Ensure they know all of the times tables, with the division facts.

The following are some suggested websites that can help with supporting your child:

CoolMath4kids (US Site)

Woodlands Junior School

TopMarks Education Resources

Rain Forest Maths


Loders Primary Schools - Maths Problem Solving

End of Summer Term

Towards the end of the summer term children will receive their SATs results and will have visited their secondary schools. We will be sad to see them leave, but excited for the next step they are taking in their lives. Before they leave, children will be making memories and having a great send off, we will have lots to look forward to:

  • Performing a production! All Year 6 children will be involved in the production. We will be acting, singing, dancing and making costumes, props and scenery. Make sure you come and watch our show! It is not one to be missed!
  • Leaving Party! All Year 6 children will be invited to a party to celebrate their time at Hardwick Primary School. There will be music, dancing, games and plenty of food and drink. A great opportunity for children to celebrate the time they have spent at school with the friends they have made here.
  • Leaver’s Books. Children will have the opportunity to make a Leaver’s Book, with a mixture of pictures and messages, so they have lasting memories of their time, friends and teachers at Hardwick.
  • Leaving Assembly. Parents of Year 6 children will be invited to their final assembly. We will be looking at their time at Hardwick and presenting them with a certificate celebrating the part they have played at school.