SEND and Inclusion

At Hardwick, we are incredibly proud of our inclusive ethos and extensive provision for children with SEND. We celebrate diversity and involve every member of our school community in our vision to CARE, making our school a place that is:
CARING - where everyone cares about each other and our school
ACHIEVING - where everyone always does better than their previous best
RESPECTFUL - where everyone remembers their manners and respects one another
EXCITING - where everyone enjoys learning and experiencing new challenges
At Hardwick, we have a team of professionals who lead on Inclusion, incorporating all aspects of SEND.
These include:
Inclusion Manager and SENCo:
Mrs L Smith, 01332 272249

SEND Governor: Mr A Repesa

Head of School and Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs R Sandhu

Nurture Group Leaders and Deputy Safeguarding Leads: Mrs R Yates and Mrs R Oliver

All of our staff work closely together with support from external professionals such as the Educational Psychology Service, School Nursing Team, specialist teachers and advisors, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy to secure the highest standards of provision and care for all of our children.

If you have any questions about Inclusion and SEND at Hardwick Primary School, please contact our Inclusion Manager, Mrs Smith.

Specialist Advice regarding COVID-19 
There are lots of helpful resources being created by specialists and national charities aimed at supporting children with SEND and their families through these difficult times.
We will keep adding links to these below:
What if I have a question or concern about SEND?

Named SENCo:  Mrs L. Smith (NASENCo)

If you have any queries or concerns you would like to discuss with the SENCO, please use the following contact details:

Tel: 01332 272249