Year 3


Welcome to Year 3!  We have lots of exciting themes and lessons that take place in our year group, with visits to different places and lots of WOW factors included in our new themes.  We are sure that you will enjoy being with us in our classes.

Who's Who

Year Group Leader - Mrs Begg

3HH – Remarkable Rhinos- Mr Rogers

3HE - Brilliant Butterflies– Mrs Begg

3KH – Proud Lynx – Mrs Lumsden and Mrs Priestland

Mr Howard (HLTA)

Miss Batool (HLTA)

Mrs Stringer (TA) 

What we will be Learning this Year

Autumn– 1st half – Tremors

Erupting volcanoes, researching and exploring all about Pompeii, incredible vocabulary and amazing design and technology!  These are the key areas that Year 3 study in this topic!  The creation of a 3D sculpture of a volcano which fantastically erupts on the playground at the end of the unit, using different techniques, whilst considering the amazing colours created by volcanic eruptions, enables the children to extend artistic skills whilst enhancing historical and geographical ones also. We will also use a computer program to create artwork.

Autumn – 2nd half – Tribal Tales

This half term begins with Our World Week where children learn more about different Religions. Year 3 learn about Hinduism and visit a local Hindu Temple.

The second part of the Autumn term, enables children to extend their historical skills further as they develop their knowledge and understanding of just what it was like during the Stone Age. Children will read “Stig of the Dump” and explore stone age animals, people’s way of life, stone age homes and how the landscape was used and changed by early people. The creation of a Stone Age scene in a box allows children to exhibit all the knowledge they have amassed during this topic. Science this term is linked to the discovery of seeds and the beginning of farming.

Spring – 1st half – Mighty Metals  

The beginning of the year begins with the children becoming scientists in this science based topic. The children experiment with magnets, investigate gravity and learn new scientific vocabulary.  Intricate embossed metal art, robot themed music sessions, reading “The Iron Giant” by Ted Hughes and programming Beebots enables the children to really understand more about robots.

Spring – 2nd half – Urban Pioneers

Graffiti in Derby? Children will walk around learning more about the history and geography of Derby, looking at buildings in the local area and public sculptures.  They will take photographs and design art based on graffiti and local architecture. Children will read “Emil and the Detectives” and compare the city of Berlin to the city of Derby. Light is a significant element of this theme and we will be investigating shadows and how the position of the planet affects the shadows cast.  We will also be learning how do basic computer programming using the online programme “Scratch”.

Summer – 1st half – Gods and Mortals/Scrumdiddlyumptious

God and Mortals - This history theme will explore Greek mythology, the origins of democracy and how society and the arts have been influenced by the Greeks. We will also be exploring the origins of the Olympic Games. 

Scrumdiddlyumptious - This unit of work proves extremely exciting with the children in Year 3. The WOW for the topic is watching the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where they are introduced to a variety of great vocabulary and expressive language, through song and drama.  The children use these skills within their own work, as they design and make their own fruit smoothies in the classrooms, for parents to come in and taste.  Various flavours are designed, along with the creation of new types of fruits and vegetables, using interesting adjectives and vocabulary to describe the name of such fruit and vegetables.  Children are encouraged to evaluate their smoothies through the responses of their parents, and watch in anticipation as they taste their concoctions!! 

Summer -2nd half – Scrumdiddlyumptious/Enterprise Week and Health and Fitness Fortnight

After completing 'Scrumdiddlyumptious', the second part of the summer term, and the last half term in Year 3, sees the children  turning entrepreneurs as we discover how to design, make and produce ‘the perfect dunking biscuit.’ Health and Fitness  fortnight incorporates our whole school sports day and various other sporting activities. Children learn about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles and how they can improve their own wellbeing through exercise

Summer 2 End of the school year- (Transition weeks)- ‘Flow’

Transition weeks give the children chance to be taught in their new classroom with their new teacher so everyone can get to know each other.

Within our English and Maths lessons, we look at a variety of different topics including all about the water cycle, rivers and states of matter.

English and Maths

In English we will be learning the following units; stories from fantasy worlds, poetry, report writing, myths and legends, information texts, letters, authors, dialogues and plays and adventure and mystery.

Children extend and develop their mathematical concepts and skills through weekly basic skills sessions across the year group, delivered by both Teachers and Teaching Assistants.  Every other week children undertake an basic skills maths check, which are differentiated to their needs.  Following on from these checks, children have a specific focus led 30 minute lesson every Friday, to support areas of specific issue or misconception, identified in the checks.

Each term the children revise and extend their knowledge and skills in calculations, handling data, measures, shape and space and using and applying mathematical skills.

Children also develop their knowledge and skills in times tables and are constantly challenged to use these within all aspects of their mathematics curriculum, both mentally and practically.

Some of our Achievements

We have so many opportunities for developing learning in Year 3.  There are many occasions when we invite parents and carers into school to help share what we have learnt with them. 

We particularly enjoy participating in our weekly Superstars assemblies, promoting good work completed by members of our classes, every Friday.

Children are always encouraged to celebrate any achievements they may have completed outside of school within their classes and we take great pleasure in joining in their enthusiasm for their achievements.

We actively participate in whole school events such as Children in Need day, World Book Day, World Maths Day, Sports Relief.  Children and staff are encouraged to dress up as different characters, to help raise awareness of specific charities and the importance of their work, whilst promoting particular days that develop the children’s learning.  These events certainly provide a lot of fun and entertainment! 

How to help with Learning at Home

  • We ask that you read every day with your child and record this in their individual reading record books. 

  • Please encourage your children to learn their times tables – x2,3,4,5,10, as this will help develop their mental maths knowledge and skills.

  • In addition, your child will receive 2 pieces of homework each week, to be completed and returned to class on Mondays.  This homework may take the form of a piece of English and a piece of Maths, but may also be a piece of work relating to the unit of work being undertaken during topic sessions.  It is important that all children complete their homework and return it to school on the allocated day, Monday.  This homework consolidates the work that the children have been completing during lesson time.

BBC bitesize KS2- different subjects which have quizzes, videos and lots of learning which can be done. 

BBC bitesize KS1- - different subjects which have quizzes, videos and lots of learning which can be done

TTRS- Times tables. Can you become a rock legend?

Woodlands Maths resources- lots of maths games

 Woodlands general resources- a mixture of all subjects and topics to explore.

 Top Marks- mixture of subjects where you can play games.

 Oxford Owl- reading books online.

Education quizzes- lots of different quizzes on different areas of the curriculum.