Introduction - Targeted Social, Emotional and Behavioural Support

At Hardwick Primary School we are very proud of our holistic approach to Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing, and the diversity of pastoral provision offered to our children. This includes our Breakfast Club and afterschool activities, to Nurture Groups and direct work at lunchtimes with children who are needing more targeted interventions.
We have two dedicated Nurture Leads who are trained to support children presenting with Social, Emotional and Behavioural difficulties, Attachment Disorders and those affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences.
Our Nurture Leads are trained to deliver Boxall Nurture, ELSA and Nurture ABC interventions. Where children are needing more specific input, the Mental Health Lead and Nurture Lead’s work closely with our partnership agencies to ensure that the children are offered the right support.
Now lockdown has ended we are proud to be back up and running with four Nurture Groups targeted at children in years 1,2,3 and 5.  Since returning in September, our children have been enjoying learning how to understand their own feelings and emotions and have been working hard in developing important social skills.