Why attendance is important

We want all our pupils to be happy to come to school and learn. Attending school every day means that children can make friends, develop their social skills and be able to work with others. As a school, we support parents of pupils who need to improve their attendance by fostering positive relationships and working together in partnership.

Hardwick’s Attendance Policy was developed following DfE Working Together To Improve School Attendance.

The policy sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Local Authority, Governors Headteacher, Safeguarding Team, Attendance Officer and the admin support staff.

Attendance Policy can be found here

We use the following percentages to classify our attendance:

98%+ Outstanding
95% - 97% Good
90 – 94% Poor
Below - 90% Unsatisfactory – Known as "persistently absent"

Below 50% Known as "Severely Absent"

The school’s expectations on attendance are communicated with parents at the beginning of every academic year and on a regular basis via newsletters, parents meetings and workshops. 

Children who have good attendance are rewarded in school as follows:

  • all children who have 100% attendance are given a certificate at the end of each term.
  • in the summer term there is a prize draw for a high value item. Children will be given one entry for 98% attendance, two entries for 99% attendance and three entries for 100% attendance.  There are two prizes, one is given to Early Years and Key Stage 1, and the other to Key Stage 2.