Year 4


Welcome to Year 4, where we strive to ensure all children enjoy their learning and feel valued! We aim to teach an exciting curriculum and challenge children to achieve their full potential.

Who’s Who?

Year Leader: 

4MH – Happy Hares: Mrs Haslam

4TH – Triumphant Jaguars: Mrs Jogela and Mrs Tatla

4SH – Ambitious Angelfish: Miss Annable

Ms. Perry (HLTA)

Mrs Smith (TA)

What we will be Learning this Year 

Autumn 1 – Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Open wide – let’s take a look inside! We’re on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside our bodies….

Topic: In this topic, we will be learning all about our bodies, especially our digestive system. We will be starting with learning all about our mouth and teeth, before moving onto how our food is digested and eventually becomes our bodily waste! We will be creating working models of our digestive system and learning all about how to keep this system clean and healthy.

English: In English, we will be reading the story ‘Demon Dentist’ by David Walliams and using this to help us write our own stories about the dentist. We will also be writing explanation texts about the digestive system and how it works.

Maths: In Maths, we will be becoming more confident with the number system, written calculations and improving our mental maths skills.

Autumn 2 – I am Warrior!

I am warrior! I am strong, brave and powerful. Meet me in battle. Draw your sword, wield your axe and challenge me if you dare! Invade and attack, Romans versus the Celts, the fight is on….

Topic: In this topic we will be learning all about the Roman Empire, what the Romans did for us and the impact they had on Britain. We will be becoming very creative in Art and DT as we develop our drawing and sculpture skills, and design and make shields and helmets for battle! We will also be learning all about countries around us and locating them on maps.

English: In English we will be reading the mythical story about King Midas and writing our own version.  We will also be reading the poem, The Sound Collector, and developing our poetry skills.

Maths: In Maths, we will be developing our understanding of number and learning more about multiplication and division as well as learning to use Roman Numerals.

Spring 1 – Potions

Potion: a poison, a mixture, an aromatic brew, a vapour, a liquid or a sticky goo. Welcome to the amazing magical world of potions and their properties….

Topic: In this topic, we will be really focussing on our Science skills, learning all about changes of state, including solids, liquids and gases, and carrying out lots of investigations and tests. We will be learning about how potions have been used in history and then using all our learning to design and develop our very own spells and potions!

English: In English, we will be reading George’s Marvellous Medicine by Road Dahl and writing newspaper reports.  We will also be reading poems about witches, wizards and magical spells!

Maths: In Maths, we will be developing our understanding of fractions! We will also be looking at time and using information we have collected to draw a variety of graphs.

Spring 2 – Playlists

Ssh….What’s that noise? A bash? A crash? A shake, a rattle or a low bass hum? Which do you prefer….. an acoustic singer or a booming brass band? A solitary voice singing sweetly and quietly or a magnificent choir lifting the roof?

Topic: In this topic we will be learning all about instruments, the sounds they make and how sound is produced. We will be carrying out science investigations, learning all about how sound travels. In computing, we will be making a music video!  In music, we are all learning how to play the clarinet and we will be inviting parents in to watch us perform!

English: In English, we will be writing stories, based on the book ‘Cliffhanger’, about characters who change in some way.

Maths: In Maths, we will be learning all about decimals!

Summer 1 – Blue Abyss

Grab your wetsuit! We’re going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures….

Topic: In the topic we will be learning all about the world underwater. We will be learning about the seas and oceans around the world as well as underwater animals and how they survive in their habitats. We will also be developing our art and design skills by looking at famous seascapes.

English: In English we will be writing a biography on Jacques Cousteau, the famous scientist. We will also be using our topic to write non-chronological reports.

Maths: In Maths, we will be doing lots of work with decimals, including adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We will also be developing our skills in measures and money, which will help us to solve lots of problems.

Summer 2

Enterprise Weeks: We will be focussing on science and engineering, along with developing our computing and technology skills!

Health and Fitness Weeks: During these weeks, we will be doing lots of PE, including joining in our annual sports day, and developing both our independent our team sport skills. We will also be learning about how to look after our bodies.

Transition Weeks: During our transition weeks at the end of the year, we will be moving up to our new classes and meeting our new teachers! We will be getting ready for Year 5 and making sure we are raring to go in September!

Maths and English: In Maths and English, our teachers will have looked at areas we need to develop ready for our next academic year in Year 5.


In Year 4, children will receive homework every Thursday. They are expected to return this no later than the following Tuesday. Children will receive English and Maths work based on what they have been working on during that week. Included within this, they will be given spellings and times tables to learn off by heart. They will also sometimes be given topic homework to support their learning.

Children will be given homework based on their current stage and what they have been covering in class. Therefore, your child should be able to have a go independently. However, if your child is finding their homework difficult and needs any help with this, please support them where you can.

All children have a reading book. Please listen to your child read their reading book at home every day. The more children read, the better they are! Try to make sure they understand what they are reading as well as being able to read the words.

Learning at Home

As well as homework set by school, there are plenty of opportunities for your children to continue their learning at home.

English. In addition to their reading book, children can be reading…….ANYTHING! The more your child reads, the more they will develop an understanding of language. Supporting your child by reading with them and discussing what they have read will really help their skills to develop.

Maths. Children should practice calculating with number as much as possible, particularly their times tables. Children should know all their times tables up to 12x12, including divisions, by the end of Year 4. Practicing as much as possible can help your child become fast and accurate, which will then help them in several other areas of Maths. Ask your child about the Time Table Rockstars Challenge.

Targets. All children have a target they are working on in Reading, Writing and Maths. This will be given to you on their Assertive Mentoring sheet at Parent’s Evening each term. Ask your child to explain their target to you. Can they give you examples of things they have been working on to develop their target? Can they show you how they have been improving? Discuss your child’s target with them. This is an area they are working on to improve their learning and the more support they get, the better.