School Partnerships

At Hardwick, we recognise and value the importance of wider school partnerships.

We are fortunate to have a close working relationship with a number of local schools across the city. In particular we regularly work with colleagues from St Chad's Infant and Nursery School, St James’ CofE Infant and Nursery School and St James’ CofE Junior School, a link strengthened by our joint Executive Headteacher, Mr Gallimore.

Derby Dioceses Academy Trust Derby City Hub

More recently, we have forged close partnerships with other local city schools within DDAT, including Arboretum Primary, Bishop Lonsdale CofE Primary School and Firs Primary.

Hub Meeting Dates:

  • DDASH Meeting (1:15 Loscoe)                                                                     18/01/19
  • Hub Heads' Meeting (12:00 – 2:30 Arboretum Primary)                                  23/01/19
  • Heads and Clergy Conference (9:00 Chatsworth House)                                 11/02/19
  • DDASH Meeting (1:45 William Gilbert)                                                          15/03/19
  • Hub Heads' Meeting (12:00 – 2:30 Hardwick Primary)                                    22/03/19
  • Head Teachers' Briefing (8:30 – 3:30 Hassop Hall)                                         26/03/19
  • Andy Wolfe – Curriculum Day 1 (Hassop Hall)                                               03/04/19
  • DDASH Meeting (1:15 Newbold)                                                                  17/05/19
  • Hub Head’s Meeting (12:00 – 2:30 Bishop Lonsdale CofE Primary)                   21/05/19
  • Head Teachers' Briefing (Hassop Hall)                                                          06/06/19
  • DDASH Meeting (1:15 Walter Evans)                                                            21/06/19
  • Andy Wolfe - Curriculum Day 2 (Hassop Hall)                                                24/06/19
  • Curriculum Development Day                                                                      10/07/19

In addition to this, we continue to develop collaborative partnerships with other schools within the larger ‘DDAT family’.

Derby Inner City Cluster Group

We also work in close partnership with a number of schools across the city as part of a local 'cluster' group, including Akaal Primary, Arboretum Primary, Bemrose Primary, Bishop Lonsdale CofE Primary, Firs Primary, Harrington Nursery, Pear Tree Infants, Pear Tree Juniors, Rosehill Infants, St Chad’s CofE Infants and Nursery, St James’ CofE Infants and Nursery, St James’ CofE Juniors, Walbrook Nursery and Zaytouna Primary.

Cluster Events:

  • Cluster Network/Heads’ Meetings (4:00 – 5:00 Arboretum)                             30/01/19
  • Open Days:
  • Arboretum Primary                                         Thursday 14th March
  • Hardwick Primary                                           Tuesday 19th March (a.m.)
  • Pear Tree Infants and Walbrook Nursery           Tuesday 19th March
  • Bemrose Primary                                            Wednesday 20th March
  • St James’ Juniors                                            Thursday 21st March
  • Harrington Nursery                                         Tuesday 26th March
  • Heads’ Cluster Meeting (9:30 Zaytouna)                                                       09/04/19
  • Cluster Network/Heads’ Meetings (4:00 – 5:00 Arboretum)                             12/06/19
  • Open Days:
  • Arboretum Primary                                         Tuesday 18th June
  • Harrington Nursery                                         Tuesday 18th June
  • Pear Tree Infants and Walbrook Nursery           Tuesday 25th June
  • St James’ Juniors                                            Tuesday 2nd July
  • St Chad’s Infants and Nursery                          Wednesday 3rd July (a.m.)
  • Cluster Summer Fair (10:30 Arboretum Park)                                                13/07/19

Open Days

Throughout the year, we hold a number of 'Open Days'. At Hardwick so far this year, we have hosted Open Events to showcase and celebrate our EAL, Reading, Mathematics, Safeguarding and Inclusion provision.

Our next Open Event will be on Tuesday 2nd July (9:15 – 12pm).

Further details (including information on how to book) can be found below.