Year 6 Secondary School Transition

At Hardwick Primary School we are proud of supporting our pupils at every stage of their educational journey. We understand that moving to the next class or phase of education is exciting but sometimes challenging. We always support your child through these changes by offering support to parents and pupils at every stage of their transition through providing clear information and opportunities to engage with our staff. Effective transition procedures require careful planning and should be rooted in a clear understanding of young children's social, emotional and intellectual needs. With this in mind a number of activities are planned within the Summer term to support children with this.

Transition between Classes

At the end of each year, your child spends time in their new classroom with their new class teacher and support staff. If your child has any concerns or additional needs all staff are happy to meet and discuss what extra provision can be put in place to reassure them and provide a positive start in the next class.

Secondary Transition

Year 6 transition is an especially important part of pupils lives as they move on to the next milestone in their educational journey. To help support this we have booklets that children and parents can engage with available in a range of languages as well as the support provided by the teachers at school. Our Year 6 teachers also ensure a detailed handover is given for each child to the secondary school teachers