Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Our FREE Breakfast Club provision for all children from Reception Class to Year 6.  

At Hardwick Primary School, we are very proud of our Breakfast Club which offers a safe and welcoming start to the children’s day. We provide a relaxed environment where the children can eat and socialise with their friends before school. 

A nutritious breakfast is provided which includes a hot option, a choice of cereals, toast and jam, juice, milk or water.  

Your child will have the opportunity to take part in the creative games and activities or sports that are provided. The Breakfast Club will be led by Mrs Yates and supported by Mr Albrighton and Mrs Bohania.  

When is it? Monday to Friday, 08.00 – 08.45am (term time only). Children from Reception class to Year 6 can attend. Please bring your child to the office between 8:00 – 8:15am. 

We look forward to seeing you there!