Science at Hardwick

Hardwick Scientists

At Hardwick we love to learn science.  Pupils also have the opportunity to go on trips and have special visitors in school to further extend their understanding of science.  Please see below for photographs of some of the science learning that takes place at Hardwick.

Science Learning

As part of their topic in FS2 “Why do buildings stay up?” pupils looked at different materials. They explored different materials and decided which would be best to build a house by looking at their properties.

They decided to investigate which materials were waterproof and which were not. They made predictions as to which materials they thought would be waterproof and then tested their predictions to see if they were right. They poured water over the different materials and if the water ran through the material, then it was not waterproof.

Year 1 carried out an investigation to see if they could move the same way as animals. They especially enjoyed trying to eat ‘worms’ from ‘soil’ just like a bird. Year 1 thought about the special parts of the body that animals have (such as wings, beaks and long strong legs) that help them to move in the way they do.

Year 3 investigate force and friction

Year 6 pupils had a lot of fun in finding out weather fruit can act as a battery to conduct electricity.

Science Displays

Learning at Home

Look out for exciting science investigations to do at home. COMING SOON!

Enterprise Week