Year 1

Year 1


Welcome to Year 1. We have 2 classes of 30 children. Our aim is to ensure that the children have high quality and engaging experiences that support their learning and development. We encourage our children to be independent thinkers and learners by providing them with opportunities to achieve their goals in a variety of activities. Our timetable is set out so that our children have time to work within groups as well as independently completing challenges.

Who’s Who?

Year Coordinator: Mrs Priestland

1CB - Mrs Priestland

1CM - Miss Benham

Mrs Rowland (HLTA)

Miss Rhodes (TA)

Miss Eadson (TA)

What we will be learning this year?


Autumn 1: What happened to the dinosaurs?

Our topic is ‘Dinosaur Planet’. We will learn all about dinosaurs (how they looked and what they needed to help them survive). During this topic we will talk about how some things happened in the past. To end this topic, we will be making a sockosaurus using different materials and inviting parents in to show what we have been learning.

Autumn 2: What memories do you have?

Our topic is ‘Memory Box’. We will be learning about changes over time, family and community. We will be looking at local history, special memories, customs and traditions, and growing up. In English, we will be learning how to write about someone special in our lives. We will be making sandwiches to have at a picnic and inviting mums and dads to share their memories with us.

Spring 1: Who has paws, claws or whiskers?

Our topic is ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’.  We will be learning all about different animals and the different places they like to live. To start this topic, we will be visiting a farm and having a go at holding lots of animals. During this topic we will also be learning about keeping ourselves healthy through exercise and eating well.

Spring 2: What makes a hero?

Our topic is ‘Superheroes’. In this topic we will be learning all about our senses and how we can use them to be super humans. We will also be meeting some of our real life heroes.  In RE, we will be learning all about Islam and will visit a local Mosque

Summer 1: Can you fly to space?

Oh no the aliens have landed.....!

Our topic is ‘Moon Zoom’. During this topic we will learn about different properties of materials and the job that astronauts do when they go into space. We will also look at images taken of the earth from space. In Design and Technology, we will be designing and then making our own moon buggies.

Summer 2: What would you find in the woods?

Our topic is ‘Enchanted Woodland’. We will be learning about different plants and animals that you could find in a wood. We will also be reading the Gruffalo and going on a Gruffalo Hunt!

In Science, we will be looking at and sorting the different parts of different plants.

English and Maths

We will be developing our English and Maths skills alongside all of our themes.

Children will have lots of opportunities to write, read and perform. Children are given lots of opportunities to ‘talk’ so they can develop their language and communication skills. Children will be developing their reading and spelling skills in their daily Phonics sessions to help them with their Phonics Screening test in June. Quality texts are used in all lessons to help encourage to develop a ‘passion for reading’. Some of the books that we will be using are Beegu, The Gruffalo and Dinosaur Roar.

In Maths we will be continuing to improve our ‘maths in our head’ and our ‘maths with equipment’ skills. We will be learning about number, shape, measures and data handling.

You will find our Year 1 curriculum overview below:
To find out more about Year 1, have a look at our Parent Workshop (September 2023):

How to help with Learning at Home

We value and encourage parents working alongside their children. Should we be able to, we will have many dates throughout the year where parents will be invited into class to work alongside their child. These workshops will be based on all areas of the curriculum.

  • Reading every night with your child, supporting them to sound out words. Please make sure children bring their book bag to school every day and keep it in their tray.
  • Helping your child with their homework. This will be based on what they have been learning in class.