Music at Hardwick


 ‘Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.’  Lou Rawls


At Hardwick Primary School we believe that music should always be an enjoyable experience and will include performance, both vocal and instrumental, composing, listening and appraising. These skills, learned at Hardwick Primary School and developed during future school experiences, will enrich the lives of our children through to adult life.


We believe that music should be taught both as a discrete subject, and to enrich and inform other curriculum areas by using a cross-curricular topic approach wherever possible. This provides children with knowledge of music from different historical periods, genres and cultures. As well as music in class lessons, assemblies and special concerts also provide opportunities for singing and children to share their instrumental talents, whatever the standard they may have reached. Visiting musicians offer additional opportunities for children to experience live music and workshop experiences.


Throughout the year, there are productions and concerts. The choir is open to all comers and the children perform annually in Choir competitions and school fairs as well as simply sharing their music together in school. This year children are also involved in performing for Young Voices as we have been successful in securing a grant for this and the children will perform at Genting Arena in Birmingham.

Instrumental music is a strong feature of the school all children have the opportunity to learn a range of instruments with a focus on brass and woodwind instruments, which are taught by specialist teachers as well as school staff.



Hardwick Primary School- Wider opportunities

Progression routes are available for those children who want to develop their musical skills further. Our extra-curricular opportunities are open to all year 6. We are lucky to have the services provided by the Music Partnership . Instruments taught include trombone, trumpet and the baritone. Through this initiative, instruments are loaned out to pupils wishing to take advantage of this opportunity.

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