Community Partnerships

How do we work with and support our community?

As a community school we work with parents, outside agencies, teachers, support staff and children:

  • to create broad, exciting and supportive experiences for children and families so that they have the opportunity to shine;
  • encourage a whole community approach to learning, personal development and responsibility.
What is our ‘Core Offer’?

These are:

  • CHILDCARE - giving children a good start in their early years and providing support for parents to help benefit the whole family.
  • VARIED MENU OF ACTIVITIES AND CLUBS - giving children and young people a choice of opportunities to enjoy and excel in a number of different activities both inside and outside the classroom and beyond the school day.   
  • SWIFT AND EASY ACCESS - working in partnership with specialised support services to ensure the well-being of all children, young people and families.
  • PARENTING SUPPORT - helping parents engage with their child’s learning and behaviour by offering support where needed through parent workshops, family learning sessions and regular open events, performances and assemblies.
  • COMMUNITY ACCESS - opening our doors and becoming the heart of our community by providing and encouraging community activities and events and developing links with other schools and businesses.
What kind of activities/services are provided?

Local services are based on meeting the local needs and improving outcomes for children and families. The service not only meets the needs of children and young people themselves, but also the needs of their families and carers and the wider needs within their community, all of which will hopefully impact on children and young people achieving their full potential.

The range of opportunities on offer to families and the community varies from access to IT, cookery, family learning, adult learning, first aid for parents, study support and sports and technology facilities.

In addition to family and community activities we offer our children a wide variety of clubs and activities that take place during lunch break and after school. These are run by members of staff and by outside agencies.