Nurture ABC

Nurture ABC - Aspire, Build and Connect with LEGO®

Nurture ABC looks at problem solving, expression and exploration of emotions to stimulate the child’s imagination. It encourages pupils to express their thoughts and ideas symbolically using LEGO, which is a more playful, creative and hands-on way of engaging pupils of all abilities.

The Aim: to help practitioners to take a more progressive approach and to unlock their pupils’ interest in learning.

The method: to ensure a secure and non-judgemental process for solving problems, expressing personal feelings and breaking down barriers that can affect achievement in the classroom.

Nurture ABC reflects Ofsted’s emphasis on building learning behaviour and inspiring children to learn.

What do we do: We carry out 1:1/small group sessions for 20-30 minutes Sessions last 20-30 minutes and consists of the child building a model based on a given scenario or a feeling. When the build time is up, the child is given the opportunity to talk about their model.